Leap Motion 手勢互動裝置

2013年最新的熱門產品leap motion,使用雙紅外線偵測追蹤手指的動作,回饋對應到電腦軟體上,相較傳統平面觸控多了立體面的互動,也比kinect在細部方面更精準,兩種體感互動可以針對不同的用途做規劃,讓數位看板與客戶間的互動多了一種創新的方式。




With a wave of a hand or lift of a finger, you’re about to use your computer in a whole new way. The Leap Motion Controller senses how you move your hands the way you naturally move them. So you can point, wave, reach, and grab. Even pick something up and put it down. Just like in real life. It’s an amazing device for the things you do every day and for things you never thought you could do.