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Miners EMS since 2018

Get to Know Us

POWER TOUCH is a Taiwan-based company established in 2011, specializing in electronic application solutions with a focus on delivering cutting-edge technological products, chip design services, and OEM solutions.

Innovative Solutions Provider 

We Adapt For Your Needs

By integrating resources from manufacturers, equipment suppliers, and skilled professionals from both local and international sources, we are able to provide solutions that are tailored to our clients' specific needs, ensuring optimal timeliness and cost control. Our approach enables us to deliver solutions that are both effective and efficient, meeting the highest standards of quality and satisfaction.

We serve as a trusted external team, playing various roles as professional consultants, procurers, and/or collaborators, working closely with our clients to help them achieve their goals.

We Can Be Your


We leverage our extensive network of suppliers and our expertise in procurement to gain a competitive edge.

Project Manager

We excel in efficiently managing complex projects while effectively coordinating with diverse suppliers and manufacturers.

Strategic Consultant

By bringing rich industry experience and connecting various resources, we provide comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Our Services & Solutions


Miner Wholesale

Power branded PTminer, ASIC & GPU Miner with varying cooling system.


OEM Service

Design, Development & Manufacturing coordinatio


Chip & System Design

End to end Custom Designed ASIC Chip & Compatible System


Site Construction

Planning, Retrofitting, Site Development, & Execution.

Miner Wholesale

We provide tailored solutions to cater to our clients' specific mining needs. Our product offerings include ASIC miners, GPUs, and complete mining rigs sourced from reknown manufacturers.


OEM Service

We offer customized OEM solutions for mining machines and electronic devices. Collaborating with top manufacturers, we deliver high-quality, scalable products. As a trustworthy partner, we ensure success and growth for our clients.


Chip & System Design

With extensive industry experience and top-tier collaborators, we deliver high-quality, custom-designed solutions. From concept to mass production, we maintain strict quality control measures. Stay ahead with our innovative approach and stay competitive in the market. Contact us to explore our chip and system design capabilities for your success.


Datacenter Site Construction

In collaboration with our technical service team in North America, we assess the suitability of your site and offer comprehensive solutions. Our evaluation covers various aspects, including building/architecture, power supply, facility hardware, cooling systems, and electrical adaptability. Make contact to learn more.

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